Monday, March 30, 2015

Software for building a social history or lifestyle assessment online

If you have been looking for a way to automate and improve the gathering of social history and lifestyle assessment data, LifeBio has a solution for you.  Using LifeBio's web-based collaborative database, it is possible to load in your organization's preferred social and spiritual history templates so that electronic data can be compiled and stored privately inside LifeBio's database. This data can also be integrated between LifeBio and your preferred electronic health record system.

Load in questions about the person's background, their family history, their likes and dislikes, and more.  Staff at senior living communities, senior care organizations or home care, hospice, or hospitals / health care, can build social histories with ease.   It's also possible for family members to assist with the process from the comfort of their own home.  For example, using LifeBio's easy system, family can upload photos of a nursing home resident from their younger days to help staff see the person at different phases of life.  Instantly, as information is added, it is possible to print a document that is ideal for reviewing at care planning meetings with staff and family.  

This is ideal for the movement to more person-centered care / person-directed care / patient-centered care.  Of course, building a very complete social history is very important when caring for people with Alzheimer's Disease or other forms of dementia.  Too often the social history is not referred to because the data is difficult to read or not available to direct care staff.  This can change by partnering with LifeBio.

Even if social histories are still handwritten on paper, it is possible to work with LifeBio to convert these to an electronic document.  What's remarkable is seeing the social history be transformed into a biography document that is presentable to the resident / client / patient as a life story, helping people create a lasting legacy. 

Please get in touch by calling 1-866-LIFEBIO or calling 937-303-4576 for more details or email with your needs and we will be back in touch with you. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Write My Life Story, Why?"

write my life story, how to get started
It was surprising to me to talk with an avid genealogist who couldn't see the value in writing her own life story.  "Write my life story, why?" she said.  I was puzzled.  Why wouldn't a genealogist see the value in her own life story?  Instead she was focused on uncovering the lives of her deceased relatives.

The future of genealogy is going to be the possibility of really knowing at least a brief biography of every relative.  In theory, there is no reason why the future is not right NOW. It starts with YOU. 

What would your relatives 100 years from now want to know about you?  Just think....what do you wish you knew about your relatives from 100 ago?   If you could go back in time, you would want to know what their childhood was like, what kind of work they did, how did they feel about major historical events (and how were they affected), and what could they share about the family and the love in their lives.  This is a good basis for the beginnings of your own personal history.  You'll want to share about the people, places, and life/historical events that really made a difference to you. 

Start to think about your own genealogy record as something that requires more than just birth, marriage, and death dates.  Fill in the gaps for future genealogists in your family by telling and sharing at least a short biography (like the "About Me" inside or create a whole "Biography" that shares many more details. It certainly makes it easier when you aren't just staring at a blank sheet of paper or blank computer screen---guiding biography questions can help.  You can even create a Legacy Book that will be treasured by your family for years to come.

There is no time like the present and no better gift to the future.  Give future genealogists a break!  Tell your story and fill in their unanswered questions 100 years from now.

Beth Sanders
Founder & CEO

Let us know at if we can help you get started in either a special journal with guiding questions or using the online system (it instantly creates a ready-to-print biography) or LifeBio's new app that video records your life. 

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

3 Innovations in Memory Care for Senior Living & Health Care

Below is a roundup of some of my favorite solutions for innovations in memory care  

Here is a link to more about the affordable solutions from LifeBio that work in both memory care and in senior living/health care (we feel that knowing the whole person and capturing life stories effectively is so very important---we make it simple to gather at least a simple biography on every person using the web, an app, or our Life Story Guide or our MemoryBio Photo Album for starting conversations with those who have dementia), but I am also going to suggest some of my favorite programs that are also complementary....

1)  Snoezelen incorporates a specialized selection of sensory equipment and materials that may help clients adapt their responses to sensory stimulation and to advance education and therapy goals. Each SNOEZELEN MSE is tailored to meet the needs of specific populations according to age and ability. The blend of sights, sounds, textures, aromas, and motion provide stimulation of the primary sensory systems and may be modified to meet each participant’s sensory needs. 

2) Dementia care training from the Eden Alternative.  Based on the award-winning book by G. Allen Power, M.D., this in-depth 2-day learning experience uses the framework of culture change to create a new approach to caring for people who live with dementia. Learn why the current paradigm for dementia care can never produce satisfactory results and explore an experiential model that facilitates growth, meaningful engagement, and improved well-being via the application of person-directed practices.

3)  Computer technology from some of our favorite partners ---  Connected Living, It's Never 2 Late, and Status Solutions.   All amazing technologies that work well in conjunction with LifeBio in community settings.  Bring the technology in the door and just watch what happens!  Technology has been found to lower the need for psychotropic drugs, plus there are so many opportunities to connect with younger generations as a result.  

We'd love to share more about how LifeBio's solutions are affordable and easy to use.  If you're looking for a solution that can be either "high tech" or "low tech" and you'd like to involve family and volunteers more in the life of people with memory challenges (and truly get to KNOW them as a whole person beyond their clinical needs), LifeBio is a great solution for you to consider. provides more information or please call 1-866-LIFEBIO or 937-303-4576.  LifeBio is used in over 400 communities from coast to coast -- senior living, hospitals, hospice, adult day programs, home care, and more.  There is a video, a brochure, and a white paper available at the weblink! 

Please get in touch!  So many life little time!