Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Value of a Veteran's Life Story

The #lifestories of #veterans are stories of courage, tragedy, adventure, and love too.   These stories teach us.  We learn history. We learn lessons to help us live our lives better.  We see the strength it took for you to make it through. It is an inspiration to us.  It's also a warning to us that life is not easy--we are all going to face difficult times ahead, and we must be ready to do what we must do.

Some of you served overseas.  Some of you served on the homefront.  Some of you saw battle. Some of you did not. 

All of you have a story to tell.  I realize that some stories will remain untold and they should.   But some of you have at least a few things you'd like to record.  Of course, your time in the service is just part of who you are.  Do your best to write down a few memories from your years in the service, but also include information on what came before and what came after.  How did your time in the #military impact your life?  Your childhood experiences, your adulthood experiences -- love, marriage, children, grandchildren, jobs and careers, and much more.  Record your personal life lessons and values for present and future generations to read and to teach them.  Don't we all wish we had records like that from our grandparents and great-grandparents? 

There is no one else like you.   Don't let your life story go unwritten.

Veterans Story Guide

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dementia activities, dementia therapy

If you are seeking excellent activities and curriculum for memory care, LifeBio provides a methodology for people to reminisce using the MemoryBio system (either on the web or via the "MemoryBio Photo Album").  Answers to questions and comments made are recorded in the MemoryBio Journal which can document one person's answers or a group of people's answers.

The Storyboards are excellent for creating a visual display of someone's life. The Story Cards are ideal for families who come to visit and need a STRUCTURE for visiting. 

For organizations with access to technology via an Ipad or PCs or laptops, LifeBio's online system makes it easy for activities staff to create biographies with even 10 or 20 questions.  No cutting or pasting or scrapbooking required...as LifeBio instantly creates finished, ready to print PDFs with stories, memories, and pictures.

info@lifebio.com or 937-303-4576

This is my life

Creating memory books for people with or without memory loss is a wonderful thing in retirement communities or in health care settings. We like the fact that EVERYONE can be part of LifeBio from independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care. With or without memory loss, everyone has a story to tell.  

LifeBio automates the process with an online system that generates instant biographies....just be answering even 10 or 20 questions. It looks professional and it is simple to do--family, volunteers, staff can visit one-on-one or a resident can do it on their own with a PC or Ipad accessing the web.

Also, LifeBio also offers MemoryBio--a perfect way for gathering the stories of people with memory loss -- and pictures and discussion starters are available online or in physical materials too.  In fact, the Mayo Clinic uses LifeBio's tools for their early-stage Alzheimer's program.  

LifeBio's new Life Story Guide provides the perfect way for volunteers to be involved with people in assisted living.  LifeBio 101 classes are a great way for groups in independent living to work on their biographies together -- and watch the new relationships unfold.

For more information, please call 937-303-4576 or email info@lifebio.com http://www.lifebio.com./Communities.htm