Friday, June 22, 2012

3 Activities for Family Reunions

Is your family reunion coming up soon? Maybe it's time to bring the generations together for some great conversations.  Here are tools at your fingertips. 

1. Try the Family and Friends Conversation Kit -- print out some questions and write answers on the "My Story"cards.  Maybe give a prize to those who participate---but enjoy stories shared even more!

2. Bring your Ipad and start a LifeBio on grandma, grandpa, your great uncle, or you Aunt Betty.  Just create a new account and you'll have the best questions at your fingertips. 
LifeBio Membership

3.  Make a Storyboard display about the oldest members of your family to show at the event.  The board is pretty to begin with---so it will take no time at all to pop on some old pictures and a few brief facts about the patriarch or matriarch of your family. 
LifeBio Storyboard 

Enjoy the good food and the good times together--but cherish those life stories and those UNIQUE people as well. 

Beth Sanders

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Write your life history mylifestory

Beyond #genealogy, your life history is something that people will want to know 100 years from now.  I am related to Richard Warren of the Mayflower (but it is estimated that 14 million other Americans are too).  I am also related to my great-grandfather from the Downer line--descendents of Richard Warren.  The sad thing is I really don't know him and I never will. His life stories were never recorded in any way for me to see and to read.  I know the birth, marriage, and death dates and where they lived---but little to nothing else.  Beyond your #ancestry, write your life history and ensure that your great grandchildren will actually know you and have more than the basic facts to enjoy.