Monday, November 30, 2009

The Great Story & Your Story: an intergenerational Bible study

Many churches are seeking ways to bring the generations together. This 12-week Bible study is designed to make that possible. This study goes through 12 stories from the Bible and then the co-authors share their own unique perspectives on the biblical stories. The small group is invited to then share their own story of how the Bible story relates to their own lives. Amazing results...includes worship service ideas and leader's ideas at the back of the book. $14.95 for 1-4 quantity. $11.00 for 5 or more books. SHOP or call 1-866-543-3246

This study would also be ideal for conducting Bible study in senior living or active aging communities.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving good wishes from

Ready for your family gathering? Want to make it more meaningful than ever? Download LifeBio's Family & Friends Conversation Kit now. Just visit for access. Connect and listen.

LifeBio's Memory Journal makes's holiday gift guide list

The LifeBio Memory Journal is especially suited to an older person who enjoys writing. This lovely gift is a book of creative, memory-jogging questions about life, with sufficient space after each question to capture handwritten answers. It creates a wonderful opportunity for a grandparent to pass on stories and wisdom to the next few generations.

The journal asks more than 250 questions, such as, "How would you describe your mother to someone who has never met her?" Or "What skills did you inherit from your parents?" Other questions ask the writers to recall their favorite birthday party as a child, the neighborhood they grew up in, or a favorite subject when they were in high school. The resulting answers can be transferred to an online LifeBio journal and merged with scanned pictures to become a hardbound LifeBio book that can be copied multiple times and given to different family members.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Keep your family history alive

Sharing stories encourages a closer, more meaningful relationship with your children and grandchildren. Family's stories are worth telling because you may be able to describe people, times and places that no one else in the family knows about. Lastly, you can help the next generation—inspiring, teaching and modeling strength and courage for them.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Family & Friends Conversation it now

Who are these people sitting around the Thanksgiving table? How much do you really know about your own parents or grandparents? It's time to talk about something more interesting than weather, health, sports, or food. Go to and access the FREE Family & Friends Conversation Kit. It's a great day of listening!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The gift of memories - a unique gift for that person who has everything

We all know that person who truly has EVERYTHING. They want for nothing, but we still want to give them something. What can you possibly give them this Christmas or Hanukkah that they could really use?

Consider the gift of LifeBio. They can work online to capture their own life stories....or you can be thousands of miles away and interview them and type their memories into LifeBio's proven online template.

If they would rather write in a journal, give them the Memory Journal. With only 6% of Americans ever writing an autobiography or biography, there are plenty of parents and grandparents who need to capture their stories now--before it's too late. So it does make a great gift.

I can guarantee one thing. If their memories are not recorded, they will be lost or forgotten. There will be no regrets if you get started now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Download from promises meaningful dinner conversations

Thanksgiving is all about family togetherness, but how many Americans will be able to move this year's table conversation away from the same old talk about sports, weather and cranberry sauce? Older loved ones can be gold mines of wisdom and experience as well as windows into living history, yet many families may never discover these "nuggets" simply because they don't ask the right questions.

Just in time for the holidays, LifeBio is offering a free Family and Friends Conversation Kit, available at  through December 31, 2009. Company founder, Beth Sanders, guarantees the kit will make family dinner conversations richer and more meaningful.
"Thanksgiving is one of the best opportunities families have to permanently capture family stories and make them last forever," stated Sanders.
LifeBio's free Family and Friends Conversation Kit includes....

1. Life story questions ideal for Thanksgiving Day or anytime. These table tents can actually be printed and set right on the dinner table. Answer cards for recording memories are provided.
2. LifeBio's 7 Tips for Interviewing
3. Ideas for kids to draw or write the memories being discussed
4. 5 good reasons to capture life stories NOW

"Everyone has a story to tell, yet not everyone knows it, or knows quite how to tell it. That's where LifeBio comes in," Sanders said.

LifeBio offers numerous other ways to capture life stories. A web membership to  provides access to over 250+ life story questions about the people who shaped you, historical events, childhood memories, love, jobs and careers, family relationships, beliefs and values. LifeBio also offers a Memory Journal and provides Video and Phone Recording options.

Sanders founded LifeBio in 2000 to help people capture life stories, having been inspired by interviews with her own grandmother.

"I learned so many valuable life lessons from my grandmother because my intentional questions excavated her most cherished memories and most meaningful life experiences. I felt so fortunate to have her answers to those questions. Now, LifeBio gives other families that same opportunity," she said.

Since 2000, LifeBio has helped thousands of people tell and share life stories. Retirement communities, senior groups, churches, and individuals all have used LifeBio's simple, proven approach to record and share family histories, biographies, autobiographies, and family photos.